March 31, 2011

Media Tackles Hot Topics in March Madness

As the Final Four approaches this weekend, the media is turning the spotlight on hot button issues in college sports. Earlier this week, PBS’ Frontline examined the big money associated with intercollegiate athletics, including the salaries of top NCAA executives and the lucrative television contract for March Madness. Among the featured guests is Sonny Vaccaro, a former marketing executive at Nike, Adidas and Reebok, who is questioning why everyone is making money "except the kids."

Meanwhile Mark Emmert, the new president of the NCAA, defends the ban on pay for play. He says student athletes get a “fair bargain” because they can develop their athletic skills while getting an education. The full episode of Money and March Madness is now available for viewing online.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel also is devoting a special report to the state of college sports in America, and the issue of pay for play in particular. The show will air throughout the month of April on HBO. “We have this multibillion dollar collegiate sports industry,” Gumbel said. “We have to figure out a way to fairly compensate those that are fueling that industry.”

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