April 12, 2011

Conference Highlights

Losing to Win kicks off tomorrow with an unprecedented team of athletes, sports journalists, academics and other experts gathering on the Wake Forest campus to discuss a host of issues related to intercollegiate athletics and race. We’ll be posting updates throughout the event, and you can follow all the action here on this blog.

Here are some of the topics you can expect to read more about in coming days.

  • Graduation Rates: Richard Lapchick, director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida, will talk about the annual report he writes on athletes’ graduation rates. His most recent findings show the disparity between black and white athletes’ graduation rates has grown. Last year, 91 percent of white athletes graduated while only 59 percent of black athletes earned their college degree — a 32 percent gap.

  • Pay for Play: Amy and Robert McCormick, professors at Michigan State University’s School of Law and foremost experts on the topic of pay and college athlete, will be discussing this hot-button issue that has the NCAA on the defensive.

  • College Athletes and Crime: Jeff Benedict’s cover story in Sports Illustrated last month was groundbreaking. He’ll be at the conference to talk about the findings of his investigation.

  • Helmet Safety: Dr. Joel Stitzel of the Center for Injury Biomechanics at the WFU Medical School, will be presenting the latest research on protecting football players from head injuries.

  • Closing Roundtable: The last session of the conference brings together an impressive panel of experts including Bernard Franklin, executive vice president of the NCAA.

Check back often for updates or follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest news.

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