April 14, 2011

Let's Continue the Conversation

Though the experts on race and college sports who gathered at Wake Forest University this week for “Losing to Win” disbanded today, Wake Forest Provost Jill Tiefenthaler said she hopes the discussions do not end here.

The responsibility for keeping the conversation going belongs to many, she said: “In a society that loves to pigeonhole young athletes, that oftentimes defines them by what they do instead of who they are, we should help them focus on a few key questions like: Who am I? Who shall I be? We offer students a rich journey of discovery when we care for them as individuals first, athletes second. When we do that, we are on the way to helping them become better people.”

Wake Forest will keep the conversation going through this blog, and the university’s Journal of Law & Policy will dedicate one issue to law review-style articles from more than a dozen “Losing to Win” presenters.

“The conversations we have here will most certainly be extended across the nation as academic leaders, researchers and athletic departments grapple with the practical and theoretical implications of college athletics – and the athletes themselves struggle with the demands and expectations placed on them,” Tiefenthaler said. -- Alicia Roberts

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  1. Wonderful event and I would love to partner with my fellow panelists in the future.


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