April 14, 2011

A Student's View on Losing to Win

This blog post was written by Ivie Okundaye, a senior biology major, who is serving as a student volunteer at the event.

The 'Losing to Win' Conference is a lively event, featuring of some of the nation's leading sports minds. As a volunteer, I have had the opportunity to meet with students, athletes, coaches, as well as faculty whom are participating.

I am proud to be a student at WFU, where our university supports these important discussions of race issues in sports. Where else can you find a coach who is willing to donate a kidney to an athlete in medical crisis?

I have already seen firsthand the power of the sports community in changing lives here and am excited by the possibilities of the conference not only to enhance our vibrant campus community, but also to transform our conceptions of race relations in the ACC.

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