Video from the Conference

View video clips from the conference sessions, from the conference coordinators and selected speakers.

UPDATE: Full-length videos of panel discussions and featured speakers are available on the Losing to Win conference website.

Future reforms in college sports
Bernard Franklin

Media coverage of women's sports
LaChina Robinson

Closing Roundtable: Where do we go from here?
Amy Perko
Knight Commission

A call for Title IX reform
Jacquelyn Bridgeman
University of Wyoming

Highlights of the Title IX panel discussion
Angela Hattery
Wake Forest University

Writing "Mean Street Stories" perpetuates stereotypes
Tom O'Toole
USA Today

Athletics and the media
John Llewellyn
Wake Forest University

Fewer African American Journalists, more stereotypical news
Kevin B. Blackistone
University of Maryland

Research on concussions in athletes
Dr. Joel Stitzel
WFU Medical School

Crime and College Athletics
Jeff Benedict
Sports Illustrated

College Athlete Success
Dwight Lewis
Wake Forest University Athletics

Administration in College Sports
George Cunningham
Texas A&M University

Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in college sports
Leslie Wong
President, Northern Michigan University

Research on Student Athlete Stereotype Threat
Jeff Stone
University of Arizona

College Athlete Stereotypes
Anthony Williams
Wake Forest Fellow

Colleges need a similar rule to the NFL Rooney Rule
Jeremi Duru
Temple University

Being a champion means strong graduation rates
Dr. Rodney K. Smith
Southern Virginia University

History of athletics: Strange mix of entitlement and exploitation
Dr. David K. Wiggins
George Mason University

Student athletes should share in revenues
Robert A. McCormick and Amy C.McCormick
Michigan State University School of Law

Losing to Win: A Closer Look
Dr. Earl Smith discusses the conference

Learn More About the Conference
Professor Tim Davis discusses the Losing to Win conference